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Become a Healthier Version of You Through 
Personalized Medicine
Become a Healthier Version of You Through 
Personalized Medicine
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The Six Major Drivers of Epigenetic Health
The goal of Epigenetic Health is achieved through the management of six factors throughout your life: reducing inflammation, eating for your genetics, improving gene expression, reducing oxidative stress, balancing hormone levels and improving methylation.
Epigenetic Health Is a Virtuous Cycle
Controlling the Six Factors allows you to be healthier physiologically, so you can make better lifestyle choices, such as exercising or getting more sleep. Epigenetic Health helps you be a better you by supporting your efforts to take control of your health and achieve your health goals.
Every xR Program is Customized to YOU
xR uses a personalized approach to create a program based on YOUR needs. Our recommendations are tailored specifically to you and your current health status, health history, medications and genetic makeup. We consider physiological factors that enable our experts to pinpoint ways that will help optimize your health and wellbeing. All of our programs are brought to you by licensed healthcare professionals. We are here to help you become a better you. 
Epigenetics Does No Harm
The Hippocratic Oath states: First, do no harm. Improving your epigenetic health can be achieved by simple lifestyle modifications relating to what you eat, what nutraceutical supplements you take and how to rebalance your hormones. While the science behind the recommendations are complex, the actions you need to take are easy to implement, do no harm and are personalized to your genetics and biochemistry.