Welcome to the Migraine Program.
Stop Only Masking the Pain of Migraine.
Resolving Your Migraine's Unique Root Causes Will Dramatically Improve Your Quality of Life.
Stop Just Masking the Pain of Migraine. Resolving Your Migraine's Unique Root Cause Will Dramatically Improve Your Quality of Life.
Step 1:
Take the Eligibility Quiz.
This is a Precise & Personalized Program Recommended by Neurologists & Doctors that Achieves Results.
Migraine Program Quiz
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Step 1: Eligibility Quiz
Is This For Me?
Migraines are complex and this program is not for everybody. 

Take the 7 question Eligibility Quiz above and see if you meet the initial criteria.
Step 2
Get Your Score
If you meet the eligibility criteria on the next page, you will be invited to answer a few more questions that will give you a score out of 5.0.
There will also be video explaining the score and more about the program.
Step 3
Submit Application
If you score over a 3.0 out of 5, then you are eligible to submit an application for acceptance into the program with no obligation.
First, let's make sure this program is for you and then we can get into more details about the acceptance process.
We designed this program to minimize guesswork and maximize hope and speed to success.

Our success rates are because we only work with those we believe we can help.

We understand that you may have tried many drugs, doctors, one-day solutions, diets, cleanses, alternative methods, countless Excedrin, Advil & Tylenol, Botox and other ways to mask the pain.

If you haven't yet, you are lucky.

Our goal is to be the last program you ever try because we resolved the root cause of your migraine through our precise and personalized program.

If you have been suffering for years, please know that we deeply understand where you are coming from.

The success of this program was borne out of one of our team's family members who had over 300 migraines per year.

It was the combination of multiple areas of expertise in genetics, hormones, nutrition, biochemistry, medicine, nutraceuticals, technology and incredibly caring and compassionate xRMD doctors, PhDs, dietitians and team members that make this program work.

This program is allowing individuals just like you no longer worry about the fear of a migraine coming on and the devastation caused to their lives when they actually hit.

This is working with those who have tried everything and for those who just started having migraine.

This is working for those having daily migraine and those that only have a few per month.

Let's see if we can help.
The Six Major Drivers of Epigenetic Health
The goal of Epigenetic Health is achieved through the management of six factors throughout your life: reducing inflammation, eating for your genetics, improving gene expression, reducing oxidative stress, balancing hormone levels and improving methylation.
Precisely Identify Your Migraine's Root Causes.
A Team Supporting You as Your Body Responds and Heals.
It takes time, collaboration and attention to detail to successfully defeat migraines.  

This is not a magic pill, temporary relief or a one-day solution.

We stay with you.  

It is a personalized and precise process of care that has the ability to resolve the root cause of your migraine.
  • Step I: Create Initial Program based on your lab results and your health history.
  • Step II: Monitor, Modify & Maintain over a period of 3-6 months.  We work with you on a weekly basis to quickly build on successes as your body responds over time.
    Deep Experience in Managing Migraine's Complexities
    The xRMD Migraine Program offers you the result of an over 10 year journey of discovery, where we relentlessly applied science, logic and common sense to defining the causes of migraine and associated symptoms.  

    We carefully studied both our successes and our failures to present the program today, and continue to seek and apply new learnings to enhance the program even further.
    We Work as a Team:  Our Expertise.  Your Commitment.
    Your body has an innate ability to heal itself and be healthy.  

    This is the best defense against disease and the best offense to beat disease as well.  

    However, it does require commitment and perseverance on your part.  

    If we believe we can help and you are committed, you stand a great chance of being successful on the Program.
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